Dog Walking

Does your dog need some assistance walking on a lead? Are they a perfect walker, but just need some exercise and a potty break? Our signature dog walking service allows one of our trained pet care professionals to take your K9 companions on a walk to fill their nose with smells, get some exercise, and relieve themselves.  Whether you're looking for your dog to burn off some energy, or take a leisurely stroll, let our handlers help!  Sometimes they will walk in their own neighborhood; sometimes we take them to new exciting locations to walk with others (with your permission, of course). While we are there, let us feed Fido as well. The duration of each walk is determined by the customer and can be affected by inclement weather, overall health, and age of your canine.  We offer 30 minute walks and 60 minute walks to suit you and your dogs desires!

In-Home Pet Visits

Ok, so you aren't a dog person, or you have other animals that need care too. No problem, we have you covered. There hasn't been a pet yet that we couldn't handle, including:

    • cats
    • birds
    • fish (marine and freshwater)
    • turtles
    • snakes
    • rabbits
    • lizards
    • hamsters
    • gerbils
    • guinea pigs
    • plus countless others

Our in-home care services are tailored to your needs and are charged by the visit, which can be either 30 or 60 minutes. We offer feedings, administer medications, clean litter boxes, clean cages, freshen water, and offer treats.  In addition to caring for all your multi-legged companions, we will also provide complimentary mail/newspaper/package retrieval, light and blind alterations, bringing in of trash cans, and light plant/flower watering.


See our Prices page for detailed pricing information.

Service Area

See a map of our approximate service area for Pet Visits and Dog Walking below. If you have a special case or live just outside the drawn area, we may still be able to service you. Please give us a call.

View Pet Visits and Dog Walking Service Area in a larger map

We are also looking to expand into the following areas:

  • Eureka
  • Pacific
  • Gray Summit
  • Other parts of Franklin County

Additional Information

Please see our Dog Walking, Pet Visits, & In-Home Pet Sitting FAQ for further details and commonly asked questions.