Plain-Language Payment Policy

 Our plain-languange payment policy is that all payments are due at the time service is rendered. A six day grace period will be given. All unpaid invoices will receive a $20 late fee on the 7th day after the invoice date and a $20/month/invoice late fee beyond that time. Future bookings will not be accepted or honored while the account is in an overdue status.

Invoice Delivery and Notifications

All invoices will be delivered to the registered email address immediately upon creation. This date represents the invoice date. Overdue invoice reminders will be automatically emailed 2 days after the invoice date and 6 days after the invoice date.

We do not offer mailed hard-copy invoicing.

Payment Methods

  • Through our online payment portal via credit card or PayPal (link is available in emailed invoices) Preferred
  • Over the phone via credit card
  • When you drop-off or pick-up your pet at our location via check, cash, or credit card
  • When All Critter Care drops-off or picks-up your pet via check or cash (see Transportation Clause below)

Payment Policies by Service


Boarding payment is due when the pet finishes its stay.

50% non-refundable fee due at booking during holiday periods


Grooming payment is due at the completion of grooming.


For one-off daycare, payment is due at the completion of daycare.

For regular daycare customers, payment is due weekly at the end of each week.

Pet Visits/Walks/Hound-on-the-Town

For one-off services, payment is due at the time of service.

For regular (daily, weekly) customers, payment is due weekly at the end of each week.

 For billing purposes a week is defined as the period from Saturday through the following Friday.

Late Fees

A late fee of $20 will be assessed for unpaid invoices on the 7th day after the invoice date. Each additional month will incur an additional late fee of $20 per invoice.

Transportation Clause

If All Critter Care will be providing transport for the pet for any service, payment is due upon drop-off at the home for those services. If no one will be present at this time, please make payment arrangements in advance.