Benefits of Creating an Account

We are taking great steps to revolutionize the way pet care providers interact with their customers ,and the benefits to you, the customer, are numerous.  By creating an online customer account with All Critter Care, you will be able to take charge of your service details and be sure that we, the provider, have the most current care details.

The benefits of creating a free customer account are:

Self Service Records Management

Take control of your information. You can now maintain your personal and pet details to ensure we have the latest information to access your home, take care of emergencies, and care for your pets.  You yourself can manage all the details of your account.  Any time you make a change, we will get those updates.  Some of the details you control are:

  • Address and phone numbers
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Add/Delete/Modify Pets
  • Add/Delete/Modify Feedings and Medications
  • Update home access details
  • and MANY more!

You will also have the ability to download copies of your information and Service Agreement for your records.

Manage Newsletter Subscriptions

Through your account management, you can control your subscriptions to any of our newsletters

Exclusive Promotions and Updates

We will provide exclusive promotions for registered customers only.

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